Key Person Contact (KPC) Program

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What are KPCs and what do they do?

The FICPA has over 300 KPCs on file who serve as an information network, both transmitting information to legislators and reporting information about proposed or pending state legislation to the FICPA.


Who can be/is a KPC?

Key Person Contacts are CPAs who have developed relationships with their local Florida legislators and can communicate with them on our behalf. Any CPA who has a relationship with a Florida legislator can be a KPC!


Why do we need KPCs?

The absolute backbone of any successful legislative endeavor is the ability to quickly reach legislators and communicate effectively and concisely in order to convince a majority of the benefits of a given concept. KPCs allow us to maintain numerous lines of communication with state legislative bodies to convey our position(s) to legislators on a moment’s notice during the hectic days of the legislative session. This frequent personal contact from CPAs assures the FICPA of a strong voice regarding critical issues concerning the accounting profession.


How do I become a KPC?

If you have a relationship with a Florida legislator, you can Register to Become a KPC here


See below for more info about being a Key Person Contact:

Do you have questions about:
  • Current Florida laws
  • New Florida laws
  • Agency Rules (Board of Accountancy, Department of Revenue, Auditor General's Office, etc.)
  • Other state legislative or regulatory issues

Get answers to your questions from the FICPA Governmental Affairs team. Send your legislative or regulatory questions to