Newly Certified Members

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Within the last 30 days, the following FICPA members have successfully met all requirements to practice as a certified public accountant in Florida. Becoming a CPA is an accomplishment and we would like to congratulate Florida's newest certified public accountants.

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Name Firm City Certification Date
Argote, Adriel A. Adriel A. Argote, CPA Doral 07/26/2019
Blake, Wesley Wesley Blake, CPA Clermont 08/01/2019
Brinister, Alexandru T. Moore Stephens Lovelace, PA Orlando 08/05/2019
Campbell, Ryan Ferrell & Kelly LLC Winter Park 07/24/2019
Carrenard, Farley Farley Carrenard, CPA Lake Worth 08/15/2019
Carter, Jacob W. Vestal & Wiler, CPAs Orlando 08/21/2019
Colton, Jessica L. Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants, LLP Miami 07/29/2019
Conti, Christopher R. Stroemer & Company, LLC Fort Myers 08/13/2019
Deich, Jesica Jesica Deich, CPA Hialeah 08/13/2019
Dravnel, Natalie Boulay PLLP Naples 07/24/2019
Joseph, Jobin K. Crowe LLP Tampa 08/02/2019
Kaczka, Michael J. Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants, LLP Miami 07/23/2019
Kolbeck, Renee E. Markham Norton Mosteller Wright & Company, PA Fort Myers 08/19/2019
Lupoli, Anthony V. Keyes, Stange & Wooten CPA Firm, LLC Palm Coast 07/25/2019
Perttula, Gregory L. Gregory L. Perttula, CPA, CPA Punta Gorda 08/01/2019
Pham, Bao Q. Vestal & Wiler, CPAs Orlando 08/01/2019
Povis, David Andean Consultants Inc Boynton Beach 08/06/2019
Quayle, Kelly GellerRagans Orlando 07/26/2019
Rodriguez, Rosa Y. HBK CPAs & Consultants Naples 07/23/2019
Ruffino-Cook, Jennifer Mauldin & Jenkins Bradenton 08/06/2019
Strammer, Teal M. HBK CPAs & Consultants Sarasota 08/14/2019
Tenenbaum, Karen J. Tenenbaum Law, P.C. Melville 07/23/2019
Totton, Nicole A. Nicole A. Totton, CPA Key West 07/23/2019
Turbyfill, Thomas O. Thomas O. Turbyfill, MBA, CPA Gulf Stream 12/31/2019
Vandamas, Vanessa Deloitte & Touche LLP Miami 08/06/2019