Newly Certified Members

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Within the last 30 days, the following FICPA members have successfully met all requirements to practice as a certified public accountant in Florida. Becoming a CPA is an accomplishment and we would like to congratulate Florida's newest certified public accountants.

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Name Firm City Certification Date
Boroomandi, Zahra Zahra Boroomandi, CPA Miami 11/16/2020
Breland, Miriam S. Breland & Associates Miami 12/31/2020
Davey, Nicholas R. Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam, CPAs & Associates, LLP Melbourne 11/18/2020
Godek, John J. John J. Godek, CPA Longwood 12/01/2020
Gorman, Bradley M. Bradley M. Gorman, CPA Palm Harbor 11/19/2020
Horruitiner, Alexander Crowe LLP Miami 11/19/2020
Hunter, Ashley D. Ashley D. Hunter, CPA Boca Raton 11/20/2020
Johnson, Charles H. Crowe LLP Tampa 11/25/2020
Koziel, Macy M. Crowe LLP Tampa 12/01/2020
Larkin, Deidre J. Cavanaugh & Co, CPA, LLP Sarasota 11/13/2020
Laurenceau, Timothy Timothy Laurenceau, CPA Orlando 11/09/2020
Marcello, Laura D. Berman Hopkins Wright & LaHam, CPAs & Associates, LLP Melbourne 11/09/2020
Marple, Alexandra R. Alexandra R. Marple, CPA Tampa 11/18/2020
Montgomery, Margaret E. Crowe LLP Fort Lauderdale 11/10/2020
Noble, Joseph A. Joseph A. Noble, CPA Tampa 11/17/2020
Orraca, Noel Kissimmee Utility Authority Kissimmee 11/06/2020
Ricciardella, Justin M. Daszkal Bolton, LLP Boca Raton 11/09/2020
Stanell, Robert E. III CS&L CPAs Sarasota 12/02/2020
Stegman, Judith M. Michigan State University Department of Accounting East Lansing 12/31/2021
Stone, Bret T. Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC Jacksonville 11/18/2020