Health Care Industry Conference Live Stream (HCCWEB)

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First-Time Webcast Participants:
To confirm that your computer meets the minimum system requirements visit:

Day of Webcast: 

  • Login: Please login to the webcast 30 minutes before it begins at You may also access the course on the My Registrations page in the My Account area of the FICPA website.
  • Access Webcast: Click on the webcast title that you are registered for.

How do I Access the Course Materials?
To download the Course Materials go to and login. From there, click on the course title under Available Courses. On the Materials Tab, you will see any files available for download.

How do I Get Credit for This Course?
As you watch today‚Äôs webcast, you should be looking for 3, unique, Attendance Verification code letters per hour.  The Code Letters will be broadcast as part of the video presentation. The code letters will not be announced in any way, they will appear only as a graphic.

Each letter will be broadcast twice, but you will only enter each letter once. For example, a two-hour webcast will have 6 letters that you will enter as you view the program.

Please enter these letters, as you see them, in the Participation Code section on the Certificate Tab of the viewer.

When you enter the letters into the Certificate Tab you will get a Saved message from the system. At the end of the webcast when you have completed all participation code blanks you will click the Submit button at the bottom of the Tab.

Customer Support Contact Information:

(877) 882-0020

[email protected]


Customer Support Hours/Information
Help is available by phone Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. CST - 7 p.m. CST or 30 minutes prior to the start of a webcast. Also, Customer Support will be available on days when evening and weekend classes are running outside of normal support hours. If you have questions about content, certification, schedule changes, or any other non-urgent matters, please email [email protected]. Email inquiries will be handled within 1 Business Day of receipt.

Please Note: Reservations made after the cutoff date will be subject to availability and current room rate. Please call the hotel directly to reserve your room.