Netflix Founder Randolph Shares Startup Advice

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Netflix Founder Randolph Shares Startup Advice FICPA Staff Report

Marc Randolph, Netflix co-founder, was the guest speaker Thursday, February 21, at USF Muma College of Business Thought Leader Series in Tampa. The Series draws nationally recognized speakers, innovators, idea generators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, authors and “turn-around artist” in business and industry for informal conversations with business leaders and the USF community. FICPA CEO Deborah Curry, along with spouse Dave Curry and FICPA Business Development Director Morgan Watson attended the event.

Randolph spoke for over an hour and answered questions, asked via Twitter, in a conversation with USF MUMA COB Dean Moez Limayem. Randolph shared entertaining and enlightening personal stories and anecdotes. In his opinion, entrepreneurs need 1) a tolerance for risk, but “smart risk” 2) ideas, not one idea, but hundreds of simple ideas and, 3) confidence and belief to in self. He suggested that to be successful, entrepreneurs must “fall in love” with the problem at hand to come up with the solution. Randolph highlighted the importance of leaders remaining persistent and expressing optimism throughout the process.

Randolph shared one of his favorite quotes by William Goldman, “Nobody knows anything” to inspire his audience to take a risk and do something. Goldman, an Oscar-winning writer, believed that every individual must stand by their problem-solving ideas, because no single person knows which idea is going to work. “Success comes to those who try many ideas and who are innovative in their thinking,” said Randolph. Established companies need to be aware that they can be put out of business when leaders are avoiding risk and/or failing to recognize the value of the new ideas.

Marc Randolph, Netflix co-founder | Photo courtesy Edge Magazine