List of Certified Auditors

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The following list contains the names of CPAs who have earned the Certified in Florida Sales and Use Tax (CFST) specialty designation. Businesses interested in arranging an audit under the state's Certified Audit Program, may contact any of these CPAs directly. More information about the Certified Audit Program and Florida taxes in general is available on the Florida Department of Revenue's website.

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Name Firm City Phone
Abraham, John V. Nakamura & Abraham, CPAs, PL Tampa (813) 374-0187
Adams, Scott L. Tax Consultants, PA Jacksonville (904) 384-2721
Agee, Richard W. Richard W. Agee, CPA Hollywood
Ahrend, Catherine C. Crowe LLP Tampa (813) 223-1316
Anderson, Leslie I. Wall Titus, LLC Lakeland (863) 683-0708
Bedonie, Glenn A. Glenn A. Bedonie, CPA, P.A. Tallahassee (850) 559-1992
Brand, Kristen Hancock Askew & Co LLP Tampa (813) 254-2727
Bynum, Julie L. Kerkering, Barberio & Company Sarasota (941) 953-7451
Carlton, Jill L. Jill Carlton, CPA, PLLC New Smyrna Beach (386) 423-3636
Clark, Cassandra J. Cassie Clark, CPA Valrico (954) 593-0974
Clark, Collie A. AutoNation, Inc Maitland (407) 947-5556
Cronk, Martha E. Martha E. Cronk, CPA Lakeland
Davis, Christopher M. Purvis, Gray & Co Sarasota (941) 907-0350
Davis, Jeremy S. Hughes, Snell & Co, PA Ft Myers (239) 939-2233
De la Hoz, Jorge E. De La Hoz, Perez & Barbeito, PA Coral Gables (305) 448-5585
Dunmire, Andrew Beasley Bryant & Company, CPAs, PA Lakeland (863) 646-1373
Elder, David RSM US LLP W Palm Beach (561) 697-1785
English, Kevin J. Harrell's, Inc Lakeland (863) 687-2774
Epstein, Joseph A. Morrison Brown Argiz & Farra, LLC Ft Lauderdale (954) 760-9000
Fridshal, Joan Westland Consulting, Inc Sarasota (941) 323-5123
Gilbert, Matthew H. Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC Tallahassee (850) 878-8777
Giroux, Peter J. Peter J. Giroux, CPA Atlanta
Handy, Joseph P. Joseph P. Handy, CPA, PL N Miami (305) 895-9939
Hayes, Maria P. Maria P Hayes CPA & Associates, PLLC Naples (239) 596-6050
Hershkowitz, Hal E. Hershkowitz & Kunitzer, PA St Petersburg (727) 344-1463
Hoyos, Orlando Hoyos & Aguilar, PA Coral Gables (305) 444-2500
Jarvis, Kenneth G. Kenneth Jarvis, PLLC Bradenton (941) 907-9188
Johnston, Deborah J. McClanathan, Burg & Associates, LLC St Petersburg (727) 894-1040
Kalifeh, Stephen M. II Thomas Howell Ferguson, PA Tallahassee (850) 668-8100
Kennedy, Harold E. Harold E. Kennedy, CPA Gainesville
Kimbrough, Tracy Y. Baylis & Company, PA Lakeland (863) 688-8841
Lake, Karen A. Berkowitz Pollack Brant Advisors and Accountants, LLP Ft Lauderdale (954) 712-7000
Lockwood, Kevin J. Forshee & Lockwood, PA Coral Gables (305) 447-0777
Madhav, Nisha T. RSM US LLP Orlando (407) 581-3500
Mander, Penny K. Pinnacle Property Management Services Maitland (407) 949-0800
Mason, David C. Douglas, Douglas & Farnsworth DBA, DDF, CPA Group Starke (904) 964-7404
Mason, Ronald N. Jr Ronald N Mason, CPA, LLC Tallahassee (850) 765-4036
McElroy, Joseph N. Joseph N. McElroy, CPA Tampa
McIntyre, Joan S. Joan S. McIntyre, CPA Tallahassee
Moubarak, Nakhle-Michael E. Michael-Nakhle Moubarak, CPA Tampa (813) 240-7240
Peterson, Canita G. Thomas Howell Ferguson, PA Tallahassee (850) 668-8100
Pierre-Louis, Vladimy Vladimy Pierre-Louis, CPA, PLLC Altamonte Springs (407) 790-4804
Present, Susan C. United States Polo Association, Inc Wellington (561) 701-4437
Schmidt, Alexander G. Alexander G. Schmidt, CPA Pembroke Pines
Smith, David R. David R. G. Smith, CPA Miami (305) 412-8393
Sorenson, Jon J. Schafer, Tschopp, Whitcomb, Mitchell Maitland (407) 839-3330
Stone, G M. Stone, Parker & Company, CPA, PA Port Richey (727) 842-3180
Stroemer, John H. Stroemer & Company, LLC Ft Myers (239) 433-1002
Taubman, Andrew S. Kaufman, Rossin & Co, PA Ft Lauderdale (954) 566-4400
Thayil, Paul Paul Thayil, CPA, PA Davie (954) 432-1099
Valiente, Jose E. Jose E. Valiente, CPA Tampa
Walkowiak, Shannon N. Crowe LLP Ft Lauderdale (954) 202-8600
Weber, Deborah P. Sims Crane & Equipment Company Tampa (813) 626-8102
Weber, John C. Crowe LLP Tampa (813) 223-1316
Whitfield, Marc S. Stroemer & Company, LLC Ft Myers (239) 433-1002
Zand, Mark J. Zand & Fernandes, PA Plantation (954) 370-0300
Zlatkin, Ira H. Pegasus Financial Consultants LLC Ft Myers (239) 898-0332